Statement Of Driving

G. W. DAWES & SON (HEATING & PLUMBING) LTD is concerned about the dangers associated with driving whilst at work.  This includes such things as the use of mobile phones, use of alcohol or drugs and excessive driving hours.

In line with current legislation drivers must not use hand held phones or similar hand held devices whilst in control of a vehicle.   It is also advised that drivers may risk prosecution if they do not have proper control of their vehicle whilst using a hands free device.

 It is our policy that the use of mobile phones or hands free models is prohibited.  It is therefore recommended that all phones are switched off whilst driving.  Our employees should also be aware of the possible health risks associated with excessive mobile phone use.  The use of mobile phones should be kept to a minimum and landlines used where possible.  Mobile phones should not be used for personal use during work hours except in emergency situations.

 Under no circumstances are employees to attend work after using alcohol or narcotic drugs, be in possession of alcohol or drugs whilst at work or consume alcohol or drugs whilst working.  Employees are also required to report to management any known side effects from prescribed medications.

G. W. DAWES & SON (HEATING & PLUMBING) LTD will consider and implement the most suitable system of risk assessment and re-assessment for the road safety needs of the company and its employees.  This will include choosing the right vehicle and the safest specification for the needs of the job.  G. W. DAWES & SON (HEATING & PLUMBING) LTD ensure that work practices, journey schedules, appointments and routes enable our employees to stay within the law

Our employees should try to ensure they are well rested, and feeling fit and healthy (and not taking medication which contra-indicates using machinery), before starting long journeys.  Our employees are required to plan their journey to include regular rest breaks (at least 15 minutes every two hours) or if necessary, plan an overnight stop.  They should at all times avoid setting out on a long drive after having worked a full day and avoid driving in a period when they would normally be falling asleep.

Driving in the small hours (between2amand6am) should be avoided except in extreme cases and having gained management approval.  Our employees are also aware that when driving between2pmand4pm(especially after having eaten a meal) they should be extra careful.  Wherever our employees start to feel sleepy during a journey, they must stop somewhere safe, take a drink containing caffeine and take a short nap.

This forms part of our health, safety and welfare policy and rules for staff.  Any breach of this policy will be treated as gross misconduct and dealt with accordingly.