Race Relations Policy

Statement Of Intent

At G. W. DAWES & SON (HEATING & PLUMBING) LTD the promotion of harmonious Race Relations will be an integral part of everyday living and working.  We are fully committed to ensuring equality of opportunity, access and treatment both as an employer and as a provider of services.

We believe that any form of racism or racist behaviour, whether deliberate or out of ignorance is unacceptable. Inappropriate language, behaviour or attitudes are not tolerated in any form.  All staff are expected to actively discourage racial intolerance and lead by example.

G. W. DAWES & SON (HEATING & PLUMBING) LTD is committed to a policy of fair and equal treatment for all staff and visitors.  Discrimination on the basis of race, colour, religion, ethnic or national origins, gender, sexuality, physical or mental disability, or for any other reason will not be tolerated.

G. W. DAWES & SON (HEATING & PLUMBING) LTD is committed to:

  • Actively tackling racial discrimination.
  • Actively promoting racial equality and good race relations.
  • Making public our stance on promoting equality.
  • Encouraging, supporting and helping all employees to reach their potential.
  • Working with others to tackle racial discrimination and to encourage and promote good practice in achieving race equality.
  • Ensuring our Policy and related procedures are implemented and followed.
  • Ensuring all our employees are aware of their responsibilities and are supported appropriately to meet them.

G. W. DAWES & SON (HEATING & PLUMBING) LTD requires individuals and organisations delivering services on their behalf to adopt similar standards.  This will be written into our contracts or agreements.

Disciplinary action will be taken against employees if it is found they have acted in a racially discriminatory way.  Breaches of this Policy will be dealt with within the Company’s formal disciplinary procedure.