The University of Sheffield – 64 Garden Street

This exciting scheme consists of the refurbishment of 64 Garden Street (Royal Exchange Building). Work starts on 4th March 2013


            MAIN BUILD GARDEN ST                             garden street

The existing services within the building are to be stripped out to allow for the new installation.

We will be undertaking the full installation of all mechanical services on the project, such as –

  • Domestic water services.
  • LTHW Heating system.
  • Chilled water services c/w new bespoke rooftop chiller unit.
  • Air Conditioning / Refrigeration.
  • General ventilation system c/w new bespoke rooftop air handling units.
  • Fixed canopy extraction systems.
  • Fume cupboards and associated extract ventilation systems.
  • Medical gas, natural gas and compressed air services.
  • Building energy management system.


Contract Value – £700k

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